Vehicle Storage

Published on 5/26/2021

It’s Important To Park Your Vehicle In A Garage. Here’s Why:

Parking your vehicle in your garage is important to keep it safe. There are many different factors that can affect your vehicle when it is parked outside, but the three most common factors are outside elements, theft, and safety. Let’s go over these three factors more in-depth. 

Outside Elements

Your vehicle is parked 95% of the time! If you are parking it outside during that time frame, you are exposing 95% of the vehicle’s lifecycle to the outdoor elements. Things such as sun and UV damage, snow and ice, hail, bird droppings, and tree sap all can damage your vehicle.

Exposure to sun and UV rays can fade the color of your vehicle and produce sun rot in plastic areas. Snow and ice wear down a vehicle and may cause rusting. Hail can cause dents and scratches. Bird droppings and tree sap can be difficult to clean off and may ruin your paint. All of these damages affect your value, performance, and lifespan of your vehicle. 

Theft & Vandalism

Car prowling is on the rise. Leaving your car on the street is like leaving a target out for break-ins. Once a prowler is in your vehicle, they may have access to your garage and then potentially your house. Car parts are often sold on the black market, so theft and vandalism is a huge safety issue when leaving your car outside of your garage. 

By simply parking inside the garage, you can deter theft and vandalism. This protects not only your vehicle but yourself, other residents, and other belongings as well. 


For the safety of all, it’s better to park your vehicle in your garage. By parking on the street, you are blocking views, which can cause car accidents. It’s harder to see if an animal or child is about to run out. Keeping your vehicle off the street is also better for snowplows and street cleaners coming through. It’s also significantly safer to park in a garage and walk into the house from there, as there is less room for getting robbed or hurt. Parking in your garage can improve the safety of yourself, other passengers, and your vehicle. 

Finding Space

Now that you understand the importance of parking in your garage, where do you store the items that are currently in your garage? Garage clutter is the number one reason vehicles aren’t parked indoors. Many people use their garage as storage and don’t have room for their vehicles. An easy solution for this problem is by utilizing a storage unit. 

Storage units are a great way to store things that you don’t need every day. The items that are taking up space in the garage. Things such as seasonal yard tools, home decor, sentimental items, or hobby items. Renting a storage unit is easy, and allows you to utilize the space in your garage for parking. When you park in your garage you are improving your safety, deterring theft and vandalism, and protecting your vehicle from the outside elements. 

To learn more about our available storage units, visit our rental page. We are happy to answer any questions or help you figure out the best size for your vehicle. Feel free to contact us.